David Verweij


With a background as an interactive product and experience developer, I have 6+ years of part-time experience in software development for bespoke products and services. I have a creative and analytical mindset, am self-directed and resourceful, and am eager to work in a team on high-quality deliverables that meet stakeholder expectations.

In my free time, I experiment with designing software, hardware and product design, and enjoy woodworking and DIY on my house, being outdoors and (board)games. Contact me on Github, LinkedIn, or Email.


now 01/21 Project Website Research Software Engineer - Open Lab, Computer Science, Newcastle University, UK
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining the ETL data pipeline for the IDEA-FAST project (Apache Airflow, Python, Docker, NoSQL)
  • Coordinate software architecture for clinical study management and data handling
  • Evaluated usability and user experience of digital health technologies used by patients
now 10/17 Open Lab Profile Postdoctural Researcher and Developer - Computer Science, Newcastle University, UK
  • Developed a Google Sheet extension to connect DIY smart displays with IFTTT.com: Phone Grown (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, NoSQL database)
  • Developed a cloud-based configurable data ‘physicalisation’ family toolkit: Domestic Widgets (C++, NodeJS, REST API)
  • Developed a conversation agent for the Google Home (DialogFlow language processing, FaaS, NoSQL)
09/20 02/18 Computer Science Teaching Assistant - School of Computing, Newcastle University, UK
  • MSc courses in Advanced Programming, Information Systems, Programming and Data Structures, and an Object-Oriented Programming BSc course
12/16 9/16 Visiting Researcher - Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  • Developed an AR app for gesture interaction with AR headsets: SmoothMoves (Java, Processing, C++)
  • Developed an Android smartwatch-app for motion-tracking interaction: WaveTrace _(Java, webserver)-
08/16 05/14 Company LinkedIn Page Co-owner and STEM Course developer - BétaBoomen, Eindhoven, NL
  • Developed and taught high school STEM courses
Software Development -
  • Server-side development using serverless (FaaS, NodeJS) and static virtual-machines with containerisation (Docker)
  • Real-time database integrations (NoSQL), REST APIs (NodeJS, Python)
  • Exploratory data analysis and 2D and 3D visualisation (Jupyter Notebook, pandas, D3.js, matplotlib, plotly)
  • Confident programmer across various languages (Python, JavaScript, Java, C++), and a quick learner to adapt to project needs
  • Consistent coder that writes for collaboration
  • Familiar with CI/CD, experienced in version control (Git)
  • Functional front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Soft skills and traits -
  • Project management, leading meetings
  • Verbal and written reporting (technical, academic, and public)
  • Social, team player and collaborative, but also self-directed and enterprising
  • Critical mindset, future thinking
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
now 10/17 Open Lab Profile PhD in Human-Computer Interaction - School of Computing, Newcastle University
07/17 09/15 MSc in Industrial Design - Eindhoven University of Technology
07/15 09/10 BSc in Industrial Design - Eindhoven University of Technology
02/15 02/14 Minor Science Education and Communication - Eindhoven School of Education
Management and Volunteering
now 2018 CHI SC Webpage Web Co-chair - ACM SIGCHI CHI Steering Committee
07/20 10/18 CHI 2020 Webpage Assistant to the General Conference Chairs & Design Chair - ACM SIGCHI CHI Conference 2020, Hawaii, USA
2019 2018 CHI PLAY 2019 Webpage Design Chair - ACM SIGCHI CHIPLAY Conference, Spain
11/13 09/12 Lucid Webpage Vice-Chairman & Commissioner of Education - Study Association Industrial Design, Eindhoven, NL