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About (Academic)

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I am a creative technologist building digital and physical products, and always busy with user experience design, software and hardware. In my current academic position I specialise in a Research Through Design methodology. Using novel technologies and bespoke designs, I develop interactive research products and deploy them in-the-wild. Learning from these experienceable products allows the exploration of alternative futures. In particular, my interests lay in interaction with distributed data in everyday environments that support or relieve human cognition, in enjoyable, playful and less-utilitarian ways. In my current research, as a Doctoral Trainee, I deploy alternative approaches to explore data as a resource for family life. This contributes to the search to find family-inclusive ways to use, manage and enjoy data amongst the family at home, including children and elderly of all ages.

Parallel to this work, I experiment with designing software, hardware and product design, and enjoy woodworking, being outdoors and boardgames.

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Resume (Academic)

now 10/17 Open Lab Profile Researcher and Digital Product Developer - Computer Science, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK

Doctoral researcher on novel family-focused interfaces for internet-connected services. I started at Northumbria (2017) and transferred with the job to Newcastle (2019).

  • Designed and developed a physical data visualisations IoT toolkit (Domestic Widgets).
  • Iteratively developed a natural language processing interface, embedded hardware and bespoke web services for data management and access.
  • Created a Google Sheets extension (Phone Grown) for ambient information displays in conjunction with IFTTT.com.
  • Designed an accompanying Google Sheet template and written tutorial supporting a do-it-yourself, scalable and open-source dissemination of this tool.
  • Through the in-situ deployment of these tools, observation and interviews I qualitatively study how domestic connected devices can be better designed with families in mind, and for which potential shared purposes.
09/20 02/18 Computer Science Teaching Assistant - School of Computing, Newcastle University, UK

Coaching MSc Dissertations and teaching in MSc courses such as:

  • Advanced Programming,
  • Information Systems (Interaction Design and Databases),
  • Programming and Data Structures,
  • Object-Oriented Programming (BSc course at Northumbria University).
02/18 03/15 Website Motion Graphics Designer - Studio David Verweij, Eindhoven, NL

Developed various motion graphics (animations) for clients such as Smart-Homes.nl, Eindhoven University of Technology (SkillsLab, School of Education) and Media Markt NL.

08/16 10/14 Industrial Design Communication Assistant & Student Advisor - Eindhoven University, NL
  • Advising role within the Department Board (weekly meetings) as a student representative.
  • Departmental policy and website support, and speaker for study orientation evenings.
  • Coaching secondary school pupils in their design and innovation projects.
08/16 05/14 Company LinkedIn Page Co-owner and STEM Course developer - BétaBoomen, Eindhoven, NL
  • Developed extra-curricular STEM courses (e.g. electronics, programming) for, and managed relations with, pre-university schools.
  • Delivered, and recruited other university students to deliver, these courses at pre-university schools throughout the region. Pupil ages ranged from 12 - 17.
Software Development - Full stack developer, main experience in JavaScript and the Cloud Computing.
  • Programming languages such as HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript & Node.js, Java (inc. for Android and Android Wear), C++ (hardware), Python, SQL and currently following courses on Vue.js, React.js and Docker.
  • Cloud Computing using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including RESTful APIs, utilising (no)SQL database and ensuring data security.
  • Sound understanding of data structures (e.g. OOP), experienced in source and version control (Git), understanding of (unit)testing and version control, familiar with containerisation (Docker), and comfortable in shell script and various IDEs.
(Product) Design - Generalist, from paper to functional prototype.
  • UI/UX design, originating from illustrations and motion graphics. Comfortably navigates the Adobe Suite, including Adobe XD, Illustrator and Photoshop. Applied UX design skills through development of various visual (screen based), audible (voice assistant) and physical (gestural) interfaces.
  • Product development, shaping form through paper prototyping, cardboard modelling, 3D printing and woordworking. Creating function through off-the-shelf electronics (Arduino/Raspberry PI) and bespoke hardware (circuit design).
Research and Analysis - Applied researcher experienced in Research through Design

Literature and user research for qualitative, quantitative and data analysis. Experienced in tools such as SPSS, NVivo, and utilising Python scripts (D3.js, pandas, plotly) for data analysis.

Latest Work
2020 Project Page Phone Grown - A web-app to transform unused smartphones into smart displays that visualise data sources.

A Google App Script (.js) based UI, embedded in a Google Sheets template, utilizes pre-built IFTTT.com triggers which send visualisations to a website aimed at legacy mobile phone browsers.

2018 Project Page Domestic Widgets - A toolkit to create, customise and control physical data visualisations through a voice-assistant.

Natural language processing allows voice-based configuration and control of embedded hardware within ‘Widgets’, who listen and physicalise instructions stored in the database.

2017 Project Page WaveTrace - A motion-mimicking interaction technique controlling various smart-home products.

Utilizing native Android watch sensing capabilities, correlations with moving ‘buttons’ in prototype UIs (Java) are computed to establish touchless interaction.

now 10/17 Open Lab Profile PhD in Human-Computer Interaction - Open Lab, School of Computing, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK

Thesis on Family-focused design for data-driven products. Initially at Northumbria University (10/17 - 07/19)

07/17 09/15 MSc in Human Computer Interaction - Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University, NL

Graduated with a 9 (out of 10).

07/15 09/10 BSc in Industrial Design - Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University, NL

Specialised in supportive technologies for education.

02/15 02/14 Minor Science Education and Communication - Eindhoven School of Education, Eindhoven University, NL

Received a formal teaching qualification for physics for secondary education in the Netherlands

Management and Volunteering
now 2018 CHI SC Webpage Web Co-chair - ACM SIGCHI CHI Steering Committee
07/20 10/18 CHI 2020 Webpage Assistant to the General Conference Chairs & Design Chair - ACM SIGCHI CHI Conference 2020, Hawaii, USA
2019 2018 CHI PLAY 2019 Webpage Design Chair - ACM SIGCHI CHIPLAY Conference, Spain
12/15 09/12 Student Representative for the Department Council - Industrial Design, Eindhoven University, NL
11/13 09/12 Lucid Webpage Vice-Chairman & Commissioner of Education - Study Association Industrial Design, Eindhoven, NL

Full-time representation of Industrial Design students in multiple bodies throughout the University.

Invited Workshops and Talks
07/20 Workshop on Designing for the End of Life of IoT Objects - Virtual, during the 2020 DIS Conference

An academic workshop on the sustainable and life ‘after death’ for the increasing number of IoT devices

05/20 Workshop om Self Sustainability in Human Computer Interaction - Virtual, during the 2020 CHI Conference

An academic workshop on self-powered sustainable interfaces and interactions

2019 2018 Presentation on Interaction Design - Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Presented my research on Domestic Widgets (in 2019) and on WaveTrace (in 2018) as closing plenary for the BSc Interaction Design

05/18 Workshop on Designing Smart Objects as Embodied Agents in Everyday Life - Lorentz Center, Leiden, NL

5-day academic workshop on the future of smart domestic objects to help frame future work in interaction design

06/15 Workshop at BENQ International - Taiwan TECH University Taipei, Taiwan

9-day product design workshop on future BENQ products

Awards and Grants
03/19 Doctoral Consortium Honorarium - Main applicant | $ 300

Received as part of my acceptance to CHI 2019 Doctoral Consortium

04/18 PGR Research Impact Scheme - Main applicant | £ 300

Used to host my research at the UK Maker Faire 2018 in Newcastle

09/18 Design United Demonstrator Grant - Co-applicant | € 5.000 | Ref. C2E1707

Used to translate the WaveTrace research project into a consumer product prototype

09/17 ACM Student Travel Grant - Main applicant | $ 1.370 | SSTG-May_2017 #130

Used for travel and accommodation for ISS 2017

Visiting Positions
12/16 9/16 Visiting Researcher - Edinburgh Napier University, UK