David Verweij

Sensor Data Visualisation

Whilst a fellow MSc student of mine developed a set of habit tracking sensors, I helped out by setting up a 'quick and rough' web-app that would visualise events from those sensors in a personal dashboard. This project researched how tracking and displaying habits could combat environmental 'waste' (e.g. long showers). Their proof of concept stored sensors events in a Dropbox folder. Using IFTTT, new additions to that folder would update the database behind this dashboard. Users could then navigate to the 'YourEco' website, log-in, and see their sensor data chronologically, or summed per month.


  • Web application (Javascript, HTML, CSS),
  • Database (Firebase Firestore),
  • Serverless back end (Cloud Functions - node.js),
  • Datavisualisation (D3.js)


Project video, Web-app demo, Code repository